Zheng Yueqiu Art Festival "Christmas Song and Dinner 2011"

Laughing by La Difference, the annual ChrisOnline With Christmas a time for celebration, singing Zheng Yueqiu center will be 12 Yue 23 Ri ( Xingqi Wu )  Jiazuo Warden clip 7 highway in the Hilton Hotel at night stand can accommodate 1,000 people held a large banquet hall “Christmas Song and dance dinner 2011 ”and” create another brilliant. “ Through this event, the General Assembly will let Zheng Yueqiu teachers and students together to create another gorgeous party to enjoy. It is a great honor to be the sponsor of the ”Rolex” agent “David’s Table” again this year.tmas dinner will be held on Saturday, December 18, 2016, at 6:30 pm on the evening. We greet guests at 5:30 pm. 

From the first year to create brilliant to this year’s cohesion brilliant, the Toronto Chinese every year looking forward to the Christmas event, has entered the seventh year, the party is famous for the grand gorgeous fine, every time there are nearly a thousand celebrities to participate. This year  1 Yue 2 said Zheng Yueqiu singing Center for the first time held at the Hilton Hotel grand dance gala dinner was an unqualified success.  Evening guests Chaoguo 800 people ,  show wonderful compact,  was hailed as the media in Toronto Chinese community in recent years, most class large-scale song and dance show.

This year Christmas carols dance innovative ideas,  the program links more exciting, rich festive atmosphere .  

Including Zheng Yueqiu personal teacher “ mini concert” , this year NYCO Piano Competition first prize winner of the award-winning live performance tracks, young students with a very young and modern music and dancing release charm,  the finest music and performances of outstanding students and adult dance individually or in small groups,  to develop their singing skills and interpretation features.  For the sake of the evening program makes perfect,  will cooperate in groups interpretation of popular songs from the thirties to the present day The The use of gorgeous stage, costumes and dress, designed to bring out the background of different ages.  Let songs linger three days of each era to lead the guests with shuttle time tunnel ,  to regain a bit sweet and warm.

In addition to rich programs, the  major sponsors and guests to the General Assembly to provide a rich gift as a lucky draw. Part of the gift tired, including :  expensive fur, high-level food seats tired, etc., can not be recorded ... ... that night the venue special ad hoc studio, for the guests take pictures. This event also provides a unique opportunity for all guests to meet each other. Famous singer Zheng Yueqiu, graduated from China’s highest music school, has published six albums released. Shanghai Ballet famous dance drama “white woman” lead singer, opened a number of solo concert, this year has been CCTV as overseas achievements of the Chinese special reports. In 2009 , Zheng Yueqiu set up a song center, is currently the only one in Toronto singing art teaching, stage practice, digital recording, CD, DVD  and  MV production as one of the performing arts college. 2,000  foot teaching grounds, stage and lighting, large screen and first-class audio equipment, karaoke OK performance hall,  professional recording studio and sound engineer for students to regularly record CD . The center has more than 300 registered students , divided into adult classes and youth classes, teaching basic music theory, singing the basis of sound, the use of the principle of popular, popular, beautiful , national singing skills, stage and microphone use skills, held regularly MasterClass , Set a variety of singing contest before the full range of training courses and provide a variety of stage practice opportunities, mining talent singing talent. Excellent students have the opportunity to be recommended to record companies, performing arts companies and media organizations. Zheng Yueqiu Art Center students in the various singing competitions have been very outstanding achievements and awards.