The Journey

Angela Zheng is a renowned soprano in China who is now residing in Toronto, Canada. She received her formal music training from the China Conservatory of Music (top university for music in Beijing, China and was awarded the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts, majoring in vocal music and having a minor in piano.

Angela has been trained by famous vocalist Yuzhen Wang. Musicians Xiang Shen, Pinsu Wang and vocal educator Lang Xu were her mentors in her music training. She attended European and American institutions to participate in various musical activities and advanced training. Integration of different musical elements has broadened her vision in music. She is currently continuing her musical education, now attending courses focused on western music from the University of Toronto.

5 albums in China and her first album in Canada
She was recognized as one of the 56 famous Chinese vocalists.

There’s a Girl Waiting For You (Shanghai Audio & Video Publishing House)
Dai Shiang Gang (Qilu Video Publishing House)
Ye Mei Zih (China Record Corporation)
Long Hu Dou (Guangzhou Record Company)
369 (China Record Corporation)
Tian Ge Liang Mei (Xian Record Corporation)
Gen Jhou Gan Jue Zou (Xian Record Corporation)
I stand here for love (Cherry Beach Sound, Canada)

She was one of the principal performers in Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble and the Shanghai  Broadcasting Orchestra Chorus, and performed across China and in South East Asia. Angela was also the lead singer for the play ‘the White-Haired Girl (Bai Mao Nu) in 1992 when the Shanghai Ballet resumed performances of that opera. In 1994, Shanghai TV and Shanghai Television Station jointly organized the ‘Zheng Yue Qiu Solo Concert’ for her. In 2008, Angela was invited to Denver University in US for a singing performance. She was also recognized as one of the 56 famous Chinese vocalists.

In the field of vocal music, cross-category singing is very rare. Angela uses her solid vocal foundation and impeccable voice to interpret music for different ethnic, pop and opera performances. In September 2009, the Chinese Artists Society of Toronto and the international ORBIS jointly organized the ‘I stand here for love Zheng Yue Qiu Solo Concert’. Angela performed Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Italian songs in different styles with the cooperation of a large orchestra. This once again confirmed her solid musical foundation and singing ability. Canada’s largest record company, Cherry Beach Sound,produced her sixth solo album with the theme ‘I stand here for love.’ ORBIS International also presented the title ‘Ambassador of Love’ to Angela for her contributions in promoting love and care.

Angela has been active in China and abroad. She was invited as guest performer by Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble /Shanghai Ballet/ Shanghai Broadcasting Orchestra Chorus and the China Central Television (CCTV4) on regular basis. Audiences were very impressed by her performance. She is the vice chairwoman of the Toronto International Musician Association in Toronto, and has been appointed as the “Ambassador of Love’ by ORBIS International.

Angela has been invited as an honorable judge for various singing contests, and she performed in these competitions as well. Also launched by her was a singing arts studio in Toronto for training new singers and artists who are interested in vocal performance and development.